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Do You Want To Stop Suffering from Vision Loss?

Dr. Shuldiner Can Help You or Your Loved One See, Even When Eyeglasses Can’t

Low Vision Care In Corona CA

Dr. Shuldiner offers low vision care for a wide range of eye diseases in Corona CA. As the founder of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS), Dr. Shuldiner prides himself on utilizing the latest tools and technology to provide low vision patients in Corona with their maximum visual potential. His experience has provided independence to countless patients, providing vision care for the following eye diseases.

Dr. Shuldiner is the founder of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists (IALVS), he is one of the leading authorities on low vision care worldwide. Dr. Shuldiner is driven to share the life-changing effects of proper low vision care. Dr. Shuldiner notes “many patients and their family members are unaware that diseases like macular degeneration require two different types of doctors. An ophthalmologist for medical diagnosis and treatment, and a low vision optometrist to help the patient use their remaining vision.

A person with low vision faces many challenges. The inability to read, drive, walk around safely, watch television or use the computer or even doing hobbies like sewing and cards can cause tremendous stress and feelings of hopelessness. Dr. Shuldiner can help!

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CORONA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2017

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Low Vision Optometry of Southern California

Low Vision Optometrist Dr. Richard Shuldiner
to determine if you are a candidate for Low Vision Care!

When All The Doctors Say There is Nothing That Can Be Done

One of the more frustrating things we hear is that the ophthalmologist or optometrist told the patient that there is nothing more that can be done.

While medically there may not be a cure for macular degeneration and other eye diseases, however, there is a lot more that can help the patient enjoy life and retain their maximum use of remaining vision. Our low vision specialist and eye doctor, Dr. Shuldiner loves the sense of a job well done when he hears the overwhelming relief when his patients try on their new telescope glasses or are able to drive again.

Life After Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Stroke

Vision loss can occur rapidly, in addition to the incredible strain caused by the physical loss of vision, the often unseen symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress can cause just as much pain. In addition to the importance of finding the best solutions that will allow you to achieve maximum visual function at your desired tasks, it is just as important to speak with someone that can provide you with understanding and hope.

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How Is a low vision eye exam In Corona CA different than a regular eye exam?

Unlike a regular eye exam, a low vision exam is much more comprehensive and lasts up to 1 hour. Your Corona Low Vision Doctor will follow four stages in the exam. The first step is to understand how the patient’s vision is affecting them. The goal is to understand what method of correction will provide the most benefit to the patient. The second part of the low vision eye exam is an in-depth comprehensive eye exam. The third stage of the eye exam focuses on the different state of the art solutions such as low vision telescopes and magnifiers. The final stage is to discuss with the patient the best solutions and magnifications for their needs.

Low Vision Solutions

Low Vision Exam

low vision glasses

An in depth low vision exam is performed to determine all aspects of your your vision requirements. From an assessment of your vision, to in depth discussions to understand the patients needs and the best low vision aids for that patient.


Stroke & Brain Injury

sideawarenessSide vision loss or hemianopsia from a stroke or brain injury is a common occurence. Dr. Shuldiner recommends Side Vision Awareness Glasses developed by Dr. Errol Rummel, to regain side vision.


Microscopic Eyeglasses

ClearWdsCutting-edge double lenses system, uses the patients eyeglasses combined with a microscope for additional magnification. Microscopic Eyeglasses are typically used for monocular vision (with one eye), because they depend upon a close working distance.


Prismatic Eyeglasses

ChampangeLeoUsing prism's these glases help patients that do not require magnification. The prism enables the eyes to work together for clearer vision.


Telescopic Eyeglasses


Telescopic glasses are cutting edge high quality optical devices that are attached to your base regular prescription glasses.


Low Vision Rehabilitation

macualar degeneration visionAs a low vision optometrist our aim is to help you understand all the tools available to help you regain your independence.


Low Vision Optometry of Southern California

Low Vision Optometrist Dr. Richard Shuldiner
to determine if you are a candidate for Low Vision Care!