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Low Vision Care Near Santa Ana

Dr. Shuldiner, the Founder of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists Can Help You or Your Loved One See, Even When You Were Told There Was Nothing That Can Be Done

Low Vision is defined as vision that is not corrected by traditional glasses, contacts, and eye surgery, leaving the person unable to do things they would like to do. For most diseases that cause low vision, there are two primary doctors the patient should see. The first is the Ophthalmologist or Retinologist, that treats the medical condition and prevents further deterioration of remaining vision. The second is a low vision optometrist, that will help you use the remaining functioning vision.

Dr. Shuldiner provides the residents of Santa Ana, and all of Southern California with advanced care for patients with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, side vision loss from strokes and brain injury, stargardt, retinitis pigmentosa, and many others.

Dr. Shuldiner has dedicated his life to bringing awareness to the fact that patients with low vision can have hope. Driving, writing, reading, watching television, using the computer, playing cards and much much more are now possible thanks to the advances in lens design and optics. Custom low vision telescopes fitted on top of the patient’s eyeglasses allow the patient to perform the tasks that they miss most. If you live in the Santa Ana area and you or a loved one have low vision, we implore you to give us a call for a free ten-minute phone consultation with our low vision optometrist.

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Diseases that Cause Severe Vision Loss ?

Our low vision optometrist, Dr. Richard Shuldiner provides care for patients near Santa Ana. Call if you have the following diseases or conditions.

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CORONA, Calif., Jan. 30, 2017

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Low Vision Optometry of Southern California

Low Vision Optometrist Dr. Richard Shuldiner
to determine if you are a candidate for Low Vision Care!

Understanding Low Vision

Telescopic Eyeglasses


Custom made telescopes are placed on top of your regular prescription glasses allowing for a variety of tasks, such as reading, writing, driving, television, computer and much more.


Side Vision Awareness

sideawarenessSide vision or peripheral vision loss is one of the most frequent affects of a stroke and brain injury. Dr. Shuldiner uses specialized Prisms called Side Vision Awareness Glasses to help patients in Santa Ana.


Low Vision Evaluation for Santa Ana

low vision glasses

The first step of your evaluation is to call our Low Vision Optometrist for a ten minute phone consultation, to see if this is right for you. During your low vision exam your vision and eye health will be tested while solutions for your low vision issues are explored.


Places to See in Santa Ana, California

Just because you have low vision doesn’t mean you can’t see. There are plenty of sites in the Santa Ana area that you may be interested in. Take the time to stop and see the sights.


Stop by one of the wonderful museums in town. If you’re interested in flight, the Lyon Air Museum is the place to go. Located not far from the John Wayne Airport, this museum hosts some magnificent planes from world war I and world war II, They even have a B-17 and a B-25.

If you are not into aircrafts, maybe you would like to stop by the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art. This museum features many pieces from different cultures around the world and is a wonderful place to see. While you’re there, stop in the gift shop and buy something for yourself or a loved one.

Maybe you or your children would like to stop by Discovery Cube Orange County. This wonderful science museum has great experiences for everybody. The Macaroni Automotive Museum and the Disney Gallery are also close and are a must-see that families will really enjoy.

Outdoor Activities

If museums aren’t your thing, then stop by the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park to see all the wonderful wildlife. Maybe you’re more into rock climbing, if this is the case, then check out Slender One Climbing. This is a wonderful climbing facility with walls that range from beginners to experts. And don’t forget, there is also Firestorm Freerunning which offers obstacle courses for those of you that want to be free at heart.

Restaurants and Breweries

If your interest is food and drink, there is plenty to be had. You might want to take one of the Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tours that stops at different shops and provides delicious foods for everyone. Whichever restaurant you choose, start with a pre-dinner drink at a local brewery, such as Network Brewery or the Blinking Owl Distillery.

Other Local Attractions

If you’re not interested in any of the activities listed above, there are plenty of other things to do in the area. Disneyland Park is also located about 7 miles away. But, that’s not all, this area is plentiful with different parks, zoos, and even the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. Whatever your sensibility, you can find something of interest in or around Santa Ana.