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Microscopic Eyeglasses

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Microscope Eyeglasses are double lens systems that combine the patient’s eyeglass prescription with the amount of magnification needed.The amount of magnification depends upon the level of remaining vision and the size of the material to be seen.

These state of the art optical systems require a two lenses piggybacked to reduce the blur and aberrations caused by high powered lenses.   Because they require a close working distance, they are usually used with one eye (monocular).

Clear Image Microscope Glasses are two high powered, coated lenses “piggybacked” one behind the other. This “doublet” lens is designed to create a magnified, crystal clear, edge-to-edge image. The lens eliminates the aberrations and “pincushion” effect of a single high powered lens. In addition to these benefits, the patient’s eyeglass prescription is ground into the rear lens to account for refractive conditions like myopia (near-sighted), hyperopia (far-sighted), and astigmatism. By combining high powered magnification, edge-to-edge clarity, and refractive prescription in one pair of glasses, patients can achieve amazing results in reading smaller print than previously thought possible!

Clear Image Microscope Glasses are designed to be prescribed for the better eye only, as we find that the damage in the fellow eye usually disrupts reading ability. If they don't work for you we can also fit for Telescopic Eyeglasses.

Our optometrist, Dr. Shuldiner, travels around Southern California fitting patients for the best low vision device for their needs.

To have Dr. Shuldiner come to your city, call our office at 855-906-2020.


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