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Prismatic Eyeglasses

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Prismatic eyeglasses can be single or double lens systems and incorporate prism to allow the two eyes to work together.  They are useful for patients whose two eyes are approximately equal in vision and do not require high magnification.

Did you know that?

Diabetic Retinopathy Is One Of The Most Common Causes Of Sight Loss In People Of Working Age.

Two Bonded Lens System: in the two lens system, one lens is high powered “plus” lens for magnification, and the other a “prism” to alleviate the stress of converging the two eyes. The two lenses are bonded together. The eyeglass prescription can be incorporated into the system. The system was designed for tasks that require a working distance of between four and ten inches. Single Lens Half Eye System: the one piece prismatic system is designed as a lighter weight, more cosmetic alternative to the two lens system. It is intended for those with a minimal eyeglass prescription.

Some of the tasks and activities our patients have used their Prismatic Reading Glasses for:

  • Reading & writing
  • Viewing photos
  • Performing hand crafts
  • Performing kitchen activities
  • Polishing nails

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