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Logistics Information For Live Training

  1. Arrival is on Saturday any time at one of the following airports.
    1. Ontario (ONT)
    2. John Wayne (SNA)
    3. Long Beach (LGB)
    4. Los Angeles (LAX)
  2. Accommodations: Ayers Corona East on Griffin Way, Corona, CA is recommended.
  3. Transportation: You will not need transportation. I will pick you up at the airport and handle all rides.
  4. Training ends on Thursday, around noon. Schedule departure accordingly.
  5. Pre-training Homework: there is pre-training homework which will be sent at least two weeks prior to training.
  6. Arrival Homework: There will be mandatory homework on Saturday which will take about one hour.
  7. We will be at my home all day on Sunday and Monday. Wear comfortable clothing.
  8. We will be in clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wear professional clothing.
  9. Do not plan any other activities during training. There will be no time.
  10. I will prepare a contract and send it to you after we agree to dates of training.
  11. Expect to leave complete, satisfied and prepared to handle any type of low vision case.
  12. Meals: Training starts at breakfast (if restaurants are open) on Sunday morning. That meal is on me. The rest of the week, breakfast
    can be had at Ayers prior to training. Lunches and dinners will be dutch. Snacks will always be provided.