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Driving With Low Vision

Are you visually impaired?

Have you been told that there is nothing left to do?

Dr. Richard Shuldiner the founder of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists will work with you to assess you vision and your ideal visual performance to put together a customized solution that will help you do what you love.

One of the most common questions that our eye doctor hears is “Will I be able to drive again?”, there is no short answer, however using the latest optical technology our eye doctor has provided countless patients in Southern California with their freedom to drive!

For more information about driving with low vision give us a call for a free consult. Call us at 855-966-2020

Bioptic Telescopes for Driving With Low Vision

Many patients with Macular Degeneration assume that they will never drive again. Did you know that almost every state allows driving with Bioptic Telescope glasses?

Our Southern California practice offers hope again to patients with visual impairment, enabling them to regain their freedom and drive again.